Пятница, 07 Июня 2019 18:36

Minsk to designate special lanes during European games

Special lanes for vehicles of the 2nd European Games will be designated on Dzerzhinskogo Avenue, Pobeditelei Avenue and Nemiga Street, Vadim Garkun, head of the Minsk road police of the interior affairs department at Minsk City Hall, said at a press conference.

He noted that the organisers of the 2nd European Games want to ensure a speedy transfer, under 20 minutes long, of the athletes from their places of residence to the sports venues.

“Together with all other stakeholders, we developed the routes, calculated the load and decided to dedicate special lanes on Dzerzhinskogo Avenue, Pobeditelei Avenue and Nemiga Street,” Vadim Garkun said.

The lanes will be marked with a large letter A and the symbol of the 2nd European Games. Traffic management, primarily on Dzerzhinskogo Avenue, will undergo some changes during the Games. Parts of the left turns from the Minsk ring road towards Nemiga Street and Pobediteley Avenue will be closed, Vadim Garkun said. He added that these changes will apply to Golubeva Street, Umanskaya Street, Esenina Street, Shchorsa Street and Khmelevskogo Street.

This measure aims to improve the pass-through capacity towards the sports facilities. Motorists will be able to turn left at the nearest multilevel junctions.

The head of the Minsk road police stressed that only European Games vehicles will be allowed onto Pobeditelei Avenue from Nemiga Street. Adjustments to traffic rules will come into force a week ahead of the Games. Road traffic officers will be on duty at every intersection along the special European Games routes.

Vadim Garkun added that the Minsk road police will avoid adopting a heavy-handed approach to imposing fines on motorists who defy the law, which prohibits the use of accredited lanes during the Games. Instead, he called upon Minsk residents to show hospitality and respect to those who are going to visit the capital during the sports event.


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